Why us?

Why us:

Zone030 established the activity starting at 2007.

Our product is both scientifically and practically proven by using before and after test, applyied  to the cell phone as per our unique measurement method patented  in AUSTRIA at 2008

We have a large group of radiation sensitive people who got cured (you can look at our testimonials)

The efficiency of the product was tested and verified by the S.I.I( The Standards Institute of Israel)  and EUROFINS which are governmental sponsored and qualified objective test facilities.

Among our credential is an approval for T.V commercial by the 2nd tv broadcasting authority who would not  approve any  commercials that are not 100% true and safe for the public.  

Our ZONE030 smart card is installed at the ministry Ministry of Environmental Protection   radiation department.  office.

Full discloser of Exposure of principle of operation / functioning based on ELF resonant reflection generated by the insertion and  assimilation of t the signal.  insertion.

The ZONE030 smart card is in compliance with the W.H.O (World Health Organization) research on biological effects of A-Thermal radiation on humans' body's compatibility.