• FAQ's

  • What is Radiation?

    Radiation is one of the forms of spreading (transferring) of energy. Usually it is described as a flow of energy carrying elementary particles that come out from a certain source and spreads in one or more particular directions. Alternatively, radiation can be described as a cyclic disturbance or a wave that comes out from a certain source and spreads in space. Energy spreads in a variety of ways – conduction, transportation and radiation. Contrary to conduction and transportation, radiation does not require any physical mediation to pass through. In this manner, radiation arrives to us from the sun and stars when it moves through space, which is devoid of substance.

  • What is Ionizing Radiation?

    Ionizing radiation is a radiation that can cause atoms to ionize, i.e., capable of causing emission of electrons. For that purpose, a very powerful and high frequency (strength alone is not sufficient to cause ionizing) radiation is necessary. Alpha radiation, beta radiation and very high frequency electromagnetic radiation (gamma radiation and x-ray radiation) are ionizing radiations. In this group of radiation you will not find mobile phones, computers and electrical devices.

  • What is non Ionizing Radiation?

    No-ionizing radiation is a radiation that is not energetic enough to cause atoms to ionize. It is usually low frequency electromagnetic radiation: radio frequency (RF) radiation, the outline of electric cables, transformation stations, tens of thousands mobile phones transmission centers, etc., across the country. In this non Ionizing radiation you will find the solution ZONE030 Smart Card.

  • What is a distorted electromagnetic field?

    Distorted electromagnetic field is the result of non Ionizing radiation emitting devices insertion such as mobile phones, wireless networks, computers and electrical devices to the natural electromagnetic field that surround us. The ZONE030 Smart Card is the solution for distorted electromagnetic fields.

  • What is SAR?

    SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) - this value is intended to measure only the specific heating of biological tissue and not beyond it. This value is using as a measurement unit for the potential damage caused by radiation from your mobile phone and other devices.

  • Is SAR can be used as measurement value of electromagnetic fields?

    SAR value cannot be used as measurement value of electromagnetic fields. This value is a "thermal" value while the potential health damage is hidden in non-ionizing radiation emitted by mobile and electrical devices which the ZONE030 Smart Card is dealing with ("A non thermal effect").

  • What effects can be caused to our bodies as a result of prolonged exposure to radiation / electromagnetic field distortion?

    Prolonged exposure to radiation / electromagnetic field distortion could create in our body effects such as: Headaches, Disruptive sleep patterns, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Hypersensitivity and erratic blood pressure, Behavior patterns in children, Decrease in concentration, submarines ears (tinnitus) until to crack in the DNA structure, which is the first stage of cancer.

  • Is mobile radiation can cause genetic damage?

    Long stay in a distorted electromagnetic field could indeed cause genetic damage. This damage is different for each person according to duration of exposure and body structure.

  • What is ZONE030 Smart Card?

    ZONE030 Smart Card is a High-tech technical product that equalizes distorted electromagnetic fields and adjusts them in a natural way to a human body. This is achieved by attaching the ZONE030 Smart Card to mobile phones, wireless networks, computers and electrical devices. This helps in reducing the human body exposure to an undesirable radiation effects and creating a natural, comfortable and healthy environment in our surroundings.

  • ZONE030 - What does the name mean?

    The meaning of the word ZONE030 is the combination of the word ZONE - area and the numbers 030 which represent the range of frequencies that the human body works with, 0-30Hz. 0-30Hz - In this far extremely low frequency region which is biologically very sensitive frequencies of body function and brain wave.

  • How do the ZONE030 Smart Card works?

    The ZONE030 Smart Card is made of polymer and passes an advanced Technology process. By Attaching the Smart Card to any mobile, network, computer and electrical devices it is causing the Equalization of all the distorted areas of the Electromagnetic Fields, and Reducing the Exposure to Radiation. Practically, the Smart Card is causing the change in the direction of the Electron Spin turn and brings it back to the correct natural direction.

  • What is the effectiveness of ZONE030 Smart Card?

    ZONE030 Smart Card provides a full protection for 5 years!

  • When ZONE030 Smart Card is actually start to equalize the electromagnetic field?

    Immediately! Once the ZONE030 Smart Card is attached to the device it's immediately start to equalize the disturbance. It's possible see the result with a technical measurement

  • To what kind of devices the ZONE030 Smart Card is suitable?

    The ZONE030 Smart Card is suitable for all mobile, networks, computers and electrical devices.